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Swimming Upstream

My Struggle and Triumph Over Cancer and the Medical Establishment

An inspiring story of hope and survival. Dr. Sajjad Iqbal was given 2 years to live—that was 15 years ago. Through perseverance and his own medical knowledge, he is the longest living survivor of salivary duct carcinoma.

In this extraordinary memoir, Dr. Iqbal recounts how he advocated for his health and relentlessly fought for a correct diagnosis and treatment. He unravels a medical mystery that will inspire you to take charge of your own healthcare as he convincingly explains the importance of speaking up and pushing back against medical professionals’ apathy and arrogance. Please help share his story via the social media links.

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My Book

Never give up hope, always be optimistic.

After 30 years as a pediatrician, I was accustomed to being in charge of my patients. When I became the patient, everything changed. I fought against the medical establishment time and time again until I self-diagnosed my cancer and treatment and then embarked upon researching and formulating the appropriate treatment plans when none were offered or available from the experts. You always have another option or another move. Don't ever stop trying or seeking out new opinions from different doctors. You can persevere as I did. This book is for cancer patients, survivors, and their loved ones as well as the physicians treating them.

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